2009 12 14 10 21

On average a person in the developing world will use a fraction of the amount of water that a person in the US uses. Visit Embet Abede and his family in Ethiopia. Ethiopia, located in east Africa, is a mountainous country more than twice the size of Texas. Parts of Ethiopia are very dry and have been affected by severe droughts.

2009 12 02 22 45

FloodSim puts you in control of all flood policy decisions and spending in the UK for 3 years. Whether its deciding how much money to allocate to flood defences, deciding where to build houses, or how best to inform people about the risk of flooding, you are in control. If you’ve ever wanted to make important decisions, affecting millions of people, this is your chance! FloodSim is a serious game with the aims to raise awareness of the vast number of issues surrounding flood policy and Government expenditure and to increase citizen engagement through an accessible simulation.

2009 12 02 22 38

The game offers a critique of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in general and specifically the patenting of agricultural seeds. It is also an experiment with a novel game mechanic. A player uses her mouse to control the wind, trying to plant heirloom seeds while preventing GMO seeds from blowing onto farmers’ plots. If enough GMO seeds land in the field and germinate, a lawyer from an agribusiness corporation may come to sue the farmer or even confiscate the crops. In between levels, the character of the farmer—designed by the team’s artist Grace Ching-Yun, Peng—presents the player with information about the GMO seed controversy.

2009 12 02 22 35

MiniMonos is a virtual world for children: a place of fun, beauty, discovery, generosity, sustainability and friendship. We created MiniMonos so that children could have a place of their own, a place that allows them to explore and grow without constant pressure to buy stuff. We also wanted them to have a place that embodied core values like sustainability and generosity, without turning those values into a boring lecture.

2009 11 03 12 11

The game "Copenhagen Challenge" is one such initiative which aims to create awareness among school children and youth on issues related to climate change - renewable energy, energy efficiency and reduction in greenhouse gases.Download the English and Hindi versions of "Copenhagen Challenge" game from the links below. Install it on your desktop, play the interesting game, and learn more about Climate Change and related issues.

2009 11 03 12 04

A game where you are president of the European Nations. You must tackle climate change and stay popular enough with the voters to remain in office.

2009 11 03 11 56

Connect 2 Climate comprises of five different applications on the mobile – three mobile games involving different mindsets and psychologies of mobile users, and two mobile learning applications on climate change. The games are being deployed on low-end and low cost handsets to sophisticated high-end devices.

2009 11 03 11 49

“3rd World Farmer … aims at simulating the real-world mechanisms that cause and sustain poverty in 3rd World countries. In the game, the player gets to manage an African farm, and is soon confronted with the often difficult choices that poverty and conflict necessitate. We find this kind of experience efficient at making the issues relevant to people, because players tend to invests their hopes in a game character whose fate depends on him. We aim at making the player “experience” the injustices, rather than being told about them, so as to stimulate a deeper and more personal reflection on the topics.”

2009 11 03 10 05

There has been a mysterious outbreak of unhealthy habits hitting too many boys and girls. If we don’t solve these cases, and fast, kids might not make the right food and exercise choices as they grow, and that could be trouble! All junior food detectives will get secret training on how to eat right and exercise. You can investigate fun games like Whack A Snack, Soccer, and Zap the TV. Plus you can print out classified clues on ways to be healthy, then share them with your parents, teachers, and pals.

2009 10 01 21 34

“What is it like to live in poverty, struggling every day to stay healthy, keep out of debt, and get educated? Find out now in this challenging role playing game created by the High School students in Global Kids with the game developers at Gamelab, in which you take responsibility for a family of five in rural Haiti.” From UNICEF with Microsoft support.

2009 10 01 21 28

Help villagers in Nicaragua survive floods, earthquakes and food shortages!

2009 10 01 21 25

Karma Tycoon “rocks the gaming world by offering you a thrilling ride through the world of social entrepreneurship as you earn Karma in virtual communities across the US.” Developed by DoSomething.org.

2009 09 17 10 09

A major crisis has developed in the Indian Ocean, on the island of Sheylan. We’re sending in a new team to step up the World Food Programme’s presence there and help feed millions of hungry people. As team rookie you have six missions to complete. Each mission represents a part of the process of delivering food aid to an area in crisis. The final mission shows you how food aid can help people rebuild their lives in the years following a disaster.

2009 09 01 21 21

Do you know your Geography? If you do, bingo! Prove it right here. If you don't, we are going to help you out with the Africa Puzzle. Easy, medium and hard levels let you muddle your way across the Sahara, down the Congo and into the Okavango Delta at your own pace, slotting countries into place as you go. Click here to play the Africa Puzzle, the newest online flash game from SchoolNet Namibia.

2009 09 01 18 05

Šis žaidimas yra ne tik interaktyvus, bet padeda pažinti pagrindines Afrikos problemas, virtualiai dalyvauti įvairiuose misijose Afrikoje. Žaidimas yra pagrįstas realiomis situacijomis ir reikia priimti pagrįstus sprendimus sveikatos, aplinkos apsaugos ir infrastruktūros srityse. Žaidimas yra sukurtas remiantis Europos Komisijos išleista knygele bei mokomąją priemone „Matas ir Amadu". Nors žaidimas yra tik 5 kalbomis (anglų, vokiečių, prancūzų, ispanų ir olandų), tačiau knygeles per Europos Komisijos puslapį galima užsisakyti internetu ir lietuvių kalba.

2009 08 16 23 51

Time: 3010 AD. After humans destroyed the ecosystem. The earth lost the ability to heal and the environment continues to get worse. The freash air and clean water are polluted. People have to wear breathing masks lest the toxic air rots their luncks. Human beings encounter a next critical crisis. The son of a scientist, BOBO is very interested in the garbage that has polluted the earth. He collects all kinds of usable garbage to make into his toys. However, BOBO has an evil self. Sometimes he will become lazy. One day BOBO falls asleep in the garbage…”

2009 08 16 13 54

The game gives kids a fun way to learn about foodborne illness. More and more, foodborne illness is making news headlines. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), foodborne illnesses in the United States affect millions of people and cause thousands of deaths every year. The CDC says 300,000 people are hospitalized every year.

2008 11 12 22 30

Play Catchment Detox to see if you successfully manage a river catchment and create a sustainable and thriving economy. It's an online game where you're in charge of the whole catchment. You get to decide what activities you undertake - whether to plant crops, log forests, build factories or set up national parks. The aim is to avoid environmental problems and provide food and wealth for the population.

2008 11 12 22 26

Are you ready to take on the challenge of running your own virtual city? Do you have the skills to create a solid, sustainable energy strategy? Will you build a nuclear plant or go solar? Whether you are an industrial tycoon or treehugging hippie, join the exclusive EnerCities beta program now. Your citizens need you!

2008 10 15 12 22

What is the importance of forests and trees? How much does it cost to plant a tree? How do forests and trees improve the environment? 51Tree was developed to increase public awareness – particularly among students – of the basic "common knowledge" of tree planting, forest coverage, carbon sinks and renewable energies as well as to have a real-life impact on some of the world’s most-tree deprived regions.

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