Marta 2016 01 13 12 00

Visi viktorinos apie besivystančias šalis "Pasaulio smegenautojai" etapai baigti, ir paaiškėjo gruodžio mėnesio nugalėtojai! Sveikiname 143 teisingai į visus klausimus atsakiusius viktorinos dalyvius! Pasitikrinkite, ar esate tarp viktorinos laimėtojų.

Giedre 2015 11 17 12 00

Jau šeši viktorinos apie besivystančias šalis "Pasaulio smegenautojai" etapai baigti, ir paaiškėjo šeštojo, skirto darnaus vystymosi temai, nugalėtojai! Sveikiname 140 teisingai į visus klausimus atsakiusius penktojo etapo dalyvius! Pasitikrinkite, ar esate tarp viktorinos laimėtojų. Kviečiame žaisti jau paskutinį viktorinos žaidimą.

giedre 2015 06 18 12 00

Viktorinos „Pasaulio smegenautojai“ žaidėjai - moksleiviai ir jaunimo NVO atstovai - gali laimėti puikų prizą - pasaulio muzikos kompaktinį diską „Pasaulis tavo grotuve“. Teisingai atsakę į visus 15 klausimų, galite laimėti diską, kuris yra skirtingų tautų dialogo simbolis. Pasaulio (world) muzika – tai universali kalba, leidžianti pažinti tai, kas jungia pasaulio žmones, tuo pačiu suteikianti galimybę grožėtis kiekvienos tautos savitumu. Šio albumo įrašus kūrė iškilūs pasaulio muzikos atlikėjai: Baba Sissoko iš Malio ir Solo Cissokho iš Senegalo, taip pat etninę kultūrą puoselėjantys Lietuvos scenos profesionalai bei muzikantai iš skirtingų Europos šalių. Diske - dviejų unikalių projektų „MaLituanie“, „Solo ir Indrė“ bei grupės „Meropė“ muzika. Tai projektai - jau sulaukę pasaulinio dėmesio, tačiau dar nedaug žinomi Lietuvoje.

Marta 2015 06 05 12 00

2015-ieji – Europos metai vystymuisi! Pasitikrink savo žinias apie pasaulį ir laimėk puikų prizą - pasaulio muzikos diską „Pasaulis tavo grotuve“! Kaip? Skaitykite toliau.

giedre 2015 04 23 12 00

Kviečiame dalyvauti įdomiame, neįpareigojančiame, trumpame (15 min.) žinių apie Europos Sąjungą konkurse. Laimėtojai džiaugsis ES žinovų titulais savo mokyklose, universitetuose, organizacijose ar miestuose, o finalo laimėtojai vyks į pažintinę kelionę su Europos Sąjungos institucijomis Briuselyje. Europos egzamino" dalyviai turės atsakyti į įvairaus sudėtingumo bei spektro klausimus, susijusius su ES raida, veikimu ir institucijomis, valstybėmis narėmis, politika, aktualijomis bei įdomybėmis. Šiais metais papildomą dėmesį skirsime Vystomajam bendradarbiavimui ir euro zonai.

Mariana 2013 09 20 12 00

Sužinoti apie Lietuvos paramą besivystančioms šalims nuo šiol bus galima žaidžiant žaidimą socialiniame tinkle „Facebook“. Projektas „Pasaulis vienas“ yra pirmoji tokio pobūdžio programėlė, skatinanti domėtis vystomuoju bendradarbiavimu. Pasak projekto vykdytojų, viešosios įstaigos „Demokratinių iniciatyvų centro“ atstovų, projektas yra orientuotas į 13-18 metų moksleivius, kurie yra dažni interneto naudotojai, todėl jų švietimui ir buvo pasirinkta priimtina bendravimo erdvė – populiariausias Lietuvoje socialinis tinklas „Facebook“. Tikimasi, kad žaidimu taip pat susidomės pedagogai, moksleivių tėvai ir artimieji.

2011 02 04 13 17

PING is an online game made for secondary schools, forming a starting point to discuss the subject ‘poverty’ and what it means to be poor. Ping is aimed at the students of the secondary and third degree. The students become the main characters in the game. They can choose between Jim or Sofia, who, due to certain circumstances, end up on the street and need to find their own path.

2010 05 28 14 55

TimeBank uses modern communication technology such as viral games, quizzes and animation to inspire people to volunteer. Help the Hospices - You have 13 Days to grow your own sunflower. TimeBank and Help the Hospices challenge you to put your skills to good use and help your sunflower reach the sky. Take the quiz to see what kind of leader you are and how volunteering can help you gain new skills or learn about the importance of hospice volunteering by using your existing skills to nurture a sunflower.

2010 05 28 14 52

TimeBank uses modern communication technology such as viral games, quizzes and animation to inspire people to volunteer. Whatif Campaign - It's up to Miss CC, the foxiest crime fighter in history to run the bad guys out of town. Use your 'fro to save the fallen angels, shake 'em into shape, and make this city a better place to live. ‘What If…’ is a new campaign to recruit volunteers to mentor young people at risk of turning to crime and Ms CC is leading the way. ‘What If…’ is a joint venture from the national volunteering charity, TimeBank, and the crime reduction organisation, Crime Concern.

2010 03 01 10 14

Be the first to race against global poverty in 3 of our exciting new online games. You can choose from giving aid by driving your jeep to villages in disaster areas; trading goods to get a fair price or competing in a race by answering questions about the world's poorest countries and what the UK Government is doing to help them. Have a go now....enjoy the fun.

2010 02 07 10 01

Steer the Greenpeace inflatable boat around the seas and intercept the dangerous harpoons from the whaling ship. To make the whaling ship stop whaling, you must try and get your activists on board the whaling ship. Good luck!

2010 02 04 23 42

Darfur is Dying is a viral video game for change that provides a window into the experience of the 2.5 million refugees in the Darfur region of Sudan. Players must keep their refugee camp functioning in the face of possible attack by Janjaweed militias. Players can also learn more about the genocide in Darfur that has taken the lives of 400,000 people, and find ways to get involved to help stop this human rights and humanitarian crisis.

2010 02 04 13 48

The on-line game aims at teaching children how to build safer villages and cities against disasters. Children will learn playing how the location and the construction materials of houses can make a difference when disasters strike and how early warning systems, evacuation plans and education can save lives.

2010 02 03 13 30

Deliver the Net a game created by the UN Foundation to commemorate World Malaria Day, April 25th. The challenge: race the sun and hand out as many insecticide-treated bed nets as you can to African families. The more nets you deliver – before the mosquitoes come out – the more lives you save. Once you’re done playing the game, sign up, confirm your email, and a life-saving bed net will be sent on your behalf!” (Nearly 2 million nets sent as of this posting)

2010 02 03 13 23

An addictive vocabulary game that promises “For each word you get right, we donate 20 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. The rice you donate makes a huge difference to the person who receives it. According to the United Nations, a child dies every 6 seconds from hunger related causes. Though 10 grains of rice may seem like a small amount, it is important to remember that while you are playing, so are thousands of other people at the same time. It is everyone together that makes the difference.

2010 02 03 10 18

The game which lets you experience what it is like to be a refugee. Each section contains fact sheets, profiles, videos, or other interesting links about refugees.

2010 02 02 13 16

The game was developed during the 2007-2008 in collaboration with Global Kids Youth Leaders at Canarsie High School in Brooklyn and is intended to recognize “local heroes that emerged during the [Hurricane Katrina] disaster while educating its players about the essentials of disaster readiness.” The three main goals for the game were 1) Teach players about how everyday residents of New Orleans acted heroically to help each other. 2) Emphasize what are perhaps the two most important priorities in any disaster: communication and use of local resources, needs, and knowledge. 3) Draw attention to the continuing struggle in New Orleans as residents fight for housing in 2008.

2010 01 13 22 54

Vicious war in Northern Uganda has destroyed Joseph’s home and torn his family apart. He has one goal: to find out from the Red Cross if his mother is alive or dead. Now he has arrived in the dangerous camp they call Hopetown. He has 24 hours to track down the Red Cross messenger and he needs you to be his guide. He has a satellite phone; you have the web – together you’ll make a great team. Time is running out. Guide Joseph through sickness, fire and violence as together you follow his traces of hope.

2010 01 13 22 50

This online game from Austin Energy is intended to educate citizens about the challenges inherent in providing energy for a city. Players get to make decisions about what types of energy the City of Austin will use and see the impact of their decisions in terms of cost, availability, capacity, and the environment.

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