Our Members

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Baltic Charity Foundation is a non- profit organisation registered in Lithuania. It was founded with an aim to join international and Baltic countries forces as well as financial actions for the successful work with the communities in order to overcome poverty and help building sustainable livelihoods.

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Centre for Equality Advancement (CEA) is a public institution based in Vilnius. It was founded in July 2003 by three bodies: the Ministry of Social Security and Labour, the Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsman and NGO Kaunas Women’s Employment and Information Center .

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ECONOMIC RESEARCH CENTRE (ERC) is a non profit company founded by a group of economists. Since 1992 ERC is operating as: a research institution carrying out its original projects; a consulting company working for domestic and foreign companies and institutions.

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The Eastern Europe Studies Centre is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation aiming to build civil society and promote democracy in Eastern Europe by monitoring and researching political, economic, and social developments in the region, and by developing qualitative analyses of them.

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Humana People to People Baltic was founded in the beginning of 1998. The idea was to establish an organisation in Lithuania that could raise funds to support development for poor and disadvantaged people in the world. To do this through a network of shops selling second hand clothes and using the surplus from this activity for Humana People to People's project in the developing countries of the world.

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We, Lithuanian Association of Adult Education, in cooperation with Lithuanian and foreign adult educators and institutions, are calling to get together individuals and representatives of various organisations for the promotion of a life long learning within the society and the development of opportunities for continuing education.

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The Lithuanian Women’s Society is a non-governmental and non-political organisation established in 1990 to associate women of different ages, ethnicities, religions, and beliefs, who are interested in issues of women’s equality, education, personality development and environment. LWC members represent different organisations and clubs in Lithuanian cities, towns and municipalities. The Society is constantly implementing projects to empower women for seeking their political and professional career, implementing ideas, reaching a balance between public and family life, and to help with a variety of problems, e.g. psychological, social, equal rights etc. Women get educated to integrate to the labour market, to launch a company, to develop leadership skills, and to strengthen confidence. They also can approach LWC for advice in hard situations or training on IT skills.

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Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights (LCHR) was established in 1994. It’s one of the oldest non-governmental organisations, educating about human rights issues in Lithuania. Since its establishment LCHR concentrated its members’ and experts’ efforts to implement a variety of projects in the field of human rights education and research. Today LCHR is a small organisation of enthusiastic and professional people, seeking to strengthen Lithuania's civil society through human rights education.

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Lithuanian Red Cross, founded in 1919 is a non- governmental organisation, which belongs to the International Red Cross Movement consisting of the International Red Cross Committee, International Red Cross and Crescent Federation and national societies, that are active in 188 countries.

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Lithuanian Children's Fund has 20 years of experience with child care homes, children from socially risky families. For more than 10 years the Fund has been working with the Roma community and adult children, their education, integration into the labour market and society. The organisation was involved in reforming the child care system, cooperates with the Belarusian NGOs, organises study visits. The Fund also works with the European organisations working in the fields of education and social inclusion.

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The Youth Academy (lith. “Jaunimo akademija”) is a non-governmental association of organisations of non-formal education. It unites natural persons and institutions which organise non-formal education for children and youth, contribute to non-formal education policy formation in the Republic of Lithuania.

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NEW IDEAS is a non-profit public institution. Its mission is to assist individuals and organisations with the fresh ideas to make and implement innovative and optimal decisions.

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Public establishment (VšĮ) NGO Law Institute is an independent, non-political, non-governmental organisation active in the field of non-profit law. The institute aims at improvement of the public sector by informing the organisations themselves and promoting NGO friendly legal environment.

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„Socialiniai paramos projektai“ (Social Support Projects) is a non-profit organisation which aims to provide the initial assistance for socially marginalized people to help their integrate into the labour market and the society.

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The Network of Local Action Groups as association was established in 2010 and unites 52 Rural local action groups of Lithuania. The Local Action Groups and the network of local action groups are umbrella organisations that implement LEADER iniative in rural areas.

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Mental Health Perspectives believes that every person in the world should have the opportunity to realize his or her full potential as a human being, notwithstanding personal vulnerabilities or life circumstances. Every society, accordingly, has a special obligation to establish a comprehensive, integrated system for providing ethical, humane and individualized treatment, care, and rehabilitation, and to counteract stigmatization of, and discrimination against, people with mental disorders or histories of mental health treatment.

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The goal of the Order of Malta Relief Organisation is to carry out social and charitable support activities to help the neediest citizens of Lithuania. More than 100 different social projects were implemented in Lithuania over 20 years. Order of Malta Relief Organisation in Lithuania (Maltos ordino pagalbos tarnyba - MOPT) was established in 1991. At present, 28 MOPT groups operate in our country. Order of Malta Relief Organisation has 35 permanent employees and more than 900 volunteers. Maltesers mission in Lithuania, as well as around the world, is strictly humanitarian, impartial, and mostly voluntary.

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„Save the Children Lithuania” is a non-political, non-governmental and non-religious organisation established in 1991, which fights for the rights of a child. The organisation has 30 branches in many cities and regions of Lithuania. It is a full member of the International Save the Children Alliance, which comprises 29 members and implements its child rights programmes in more than 115 countries throughout the world.

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NGO "Trust in Development" unites professionals and enthusiasts with European and Asian backgrounds. Multi-cultural experience and education are successfully employed while implementing various projects focused on crisis management, support for UN Millennium Goals, monitoring of human rights and socio-economic development in under-developed countries.

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WIIC was established in April 1996, after the completion of activities by the Secretariat of the Lithuanian Preparatory Committee for the UN Fourth World Conference on Women. The Centre assists in implementing the Action Plan of Advancement of Women of Lithuania. The need for WIIC arose out of responses that there was no single organisation to act as an umbrella organisation to collate and represent women's issues in a coordinated and sustained manner.