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justina 2017 05 18 12 00

May 8th - 12th Lithuanian NGDO Platform took part in NOHA Humanitarian action program in Vilnius. NOHA Network on Humanitarian Action is an international association of universities that aims to enhance professionalism in the humanitarian sector through education & training, research & publications, and projects.

justina 2017 03 06 12 00

NGO ‘Diversity Development Group’ (DDG), founded in 2012, is a non-profit organisation with an objective to carry out scientific, applied and infrastructural projects in the fields of human rights, education, equal opportunities, diversity, migration and integration.

justina 2017 03 10 12 00

The Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) is a global network of organizations that work together to provide shared communications services in humanitarian emergencies. The ETC is one of the 11 clusters designated by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC).

Ruta 2016 08 23 12 00

Lithuanian NGDO Platform is a partner for the World's Best News day in Europe in 2016 (more information is coming).

Marta 2016 01 30 12 00

2015, the European Year for Development, has been a very important year for the non-governmental organisations working in the field of international development: there were a lot of events and discussions about global challenges and the roles of us, active citizens, in addressing them. This year will also be remembered for the global agreements on Sustainable Development Goals and actions to address climate change, which we hope will bring a more sustainable future for us and our children.

giedre 2016 01 14 12 00

Lithuanian National Non-Governmental Development Cooperation Organisations’ Platform (Lithuanian NGDO Platform) is highly involved in the European Year for Development 2015 movement in Lithuania. This year in close cooperation with Foreign Affairs Ministry of Lithuania NDGO Platform and its' members are organizing an informational campaign of the National European Year for Development.

giedre 2015 12 02 12 00

Media 4 Development project accelerated. Photo competition The World As You See It, launched earlier this summer, was marked by very active participation and numerous quality works received. The majority of the works addressed development issues in Africa and Asia, while only a few of them were related to the issues in the neighbourhood countries. Both professionals and amateurs competed there and, surprisingly, non-professionals were awarded best prizes.

Marta 2015 10 08 12 00

Photo Exhibition featuring works taken in developing countries will be opened during “Ad Hoc: Inconvenient Films” documentary film festival. The opening event will take place on the 16th of October at 7 pm at the “Multikino” cinema theatre in Vilnius. During the opening ceremony, the winners of the photography contest will be announced and the author of the best photo will be awarded with a study trip to Kenya. The country frequently referred to as “the pearl of East Africa” will serve as a perfect destination for the search of new photo – stories in the developing world.

giedre 2015 10 01 12 00

The European Year for Development is now in full swing and EAEA members across Europe continue to raise awareness about global issues. For the Lithuanian Association of Adult Education (LAAE) development is a challenge that it meets in order to improve its response to the problems people face in developing countries.

Marta 2015 07 10 12 00

The goal of the Order of Malta Relief Organisation is to carry out social and charitable support activities to help the neediest citizens of Lithuania. More than 100 different social projects were implemented in Lithuania over 20 years. Order of Malta Relief Organisation in Lithuania (Maltos ordino pagalbos tarnyba - MOPT) was established in 1991. At present, 28 MOPT groups operate in our country. Order of Malta Relief Organisation has 35 permanent employees and more than 900 volunteers. Maltesers mission in Lithuania, as well as around the world, is strictly humanitarian, impartial, and mostly voluntary.

giedre 2015 04 15 12 00

House of Europe, a veteran among Lithuanian NGOs, together with the Lithuanian NGDO Platform (Pagalba) has launched Media4Development project that offers Lithuanian journalists an opportunity to learn firsthand about the situation in specific developing countries as well as international assistance granted to them. During the three years of project implementation the journalists will visit several countries in Africa and Asia.

giedre 2015 03 06 12 00

On March 12th, 2015 informal EU Foreign Affairs (Development) Council meeting will take place. NGDO Platform together with Lithuanian partner LITDEA and European NGDO Confederation CONCORD calls decision makers to take into account non-governmental organisation's stand point. Full text of the call and suggestions for Financing for Development negotiations can be found below.

Marta 2015 02 26 12 00

This year in close cooperation with Foreign Affairs Ministry, our members and our partner NGO “European House” NDGO Platform is organising national European Year for Development awareness raising and informational campaign. This year we target Lithuanian media to increase the visibility of development cooperation. Through a variety of activities we aim at raising the understanding of youth about the importance, objectives and relevance of development cooperation policies of Lithuania and the EU.

Marta 2014 10 23 12 00

On the 22nd of October, the General Assembly of the Lithuanian NGDO Platform was held. During the meeting the Governing Board presented its activity report, members engaged in discussions about the NGDO Platform priorities for 2015- 2016, new Governing Board was elected. For 2 years term Virginija Aleksejūnė, Gediminas Andriukaitis, Valdas Jankauskas, Gražvydas Jasutis ir Kristina Vaičiūnaitė were elected as members of the Governing Board.

Marta 2014 06 20 12 00

The National Non-Governmental Development Cooperation Organisation’s Platform (NGDO Platform) organised film screenings and discussions in ten towns of Lithuania in spring 2014. Film audience included schoolchildren, teachers, librarians, and everyone interested in global development. Four movies offered for screenings were those selected by viewers of the 7th film festival “Ad Hoc: Inconvenient Films”.

Marta 2014 06 16 12 00

Three Lithuanian NGOs – the Lithuanian NGDO Platform, the Baltic Environment Forum and the Sustainable Development Initiatives – joined the voices of the world civil society in support for a strong climate change reflection (including a separate goal) in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework.

Marta 2014 05 23 12 00

Once upon a time in the faraway land of Lithuania, there was a network of development cooperation practitioners, who felt they want to learn more about global education. They wanted to provide global education activities of even higher quality and learn about the latest developments in the sector. Therefore, that group of practitioners assisted by the secretariat of the association supporting their work - the National Non-Governmental Development Cooperation Organisations’ Platform (NGDO Platform), decided to have a thorough training on global education.

Marta 2014 05 23 12 00

On May 19 in Brussels, the ministers of EU member states discussed the EU Development Council issues: Post-2015 Agenda, the role of the private sector role in development, the implementation of Agenda for Change. The Council adopted conclusions on EU development aid targets and rights based approach.

Marta 2014 04 21 12 00

National Non-Governmental Development Cooperation Organisation's Platform (NGDO Platform) presents an overview of the global education in Lithuania summarized in a freely available publication in Lithuanian. There one could find realistic proposals on the introduction of the global education into the Lithuanian education programmes, current legal regulation. The publication was prepared based on the position of 12 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working in the field of education.

Marta 2014 04 09 12 00

On March 26, 2014 a General Assembly of the Lithuanian NGDO Platform was held. During it an annual activity report of the NGDO Platform for the year of 2013 was approved, CONCORD proposal for civil society campaign during the European Year of Development was discussed and outcomes from post-2015 event held in Brussels were shared. Moreover, the members of the NGDO Platform discussed the possibilities to join the global education week in Lithuania.

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