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Marta 2016 10 26 12 00

Brussels, 26/10/2016 - The European Union has again failed to meet its commitment to spend 0.7% of Gross National Income on Development Aid by 2015. The CONCORD Aidwatch report 2016 published today, entitled ‘This is not enough’, reveals that only five countries met their 2015 targets: Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden and United Kingdom. This means there is a ‘debt’ of €36.9billion in 2015 between what the EU has promised to developing countries and what it has delivered.

Marta 2016 01 30 12 00

2015, the European Year for Development, has been a very important year for the non-governmental organisations working in the field of international development: there were a lot of events and discussions about global challenges and the roles of us, active citizens, in addressing them. This year will also be remembered for the global agreements on Sustainable Development Goals and actions to address climate change, which we hope will bring a more sustainable future for us and our children.

Marta 2015 10 08 12 00

Photo Exhibition featuring works taken in developing countries will be opened during “Ad Hoc: Inconvenient Films” documentary film festival. The opening event will take place on the 16th of October at 7 pm at the “Multikino” cinema theatre in Vilnius. During the opening ceremony, the winners of the photography contest will be announced and the author of the best photo will be awarded with a study trip to Kenya. The country frequently referred to as “the pearl of East Africa” will serve as a perfect destination for the search of new photo – stories in the developing world.

giedre 2015 04 15 12 00

House of Europe, a veteran among Lithuanian NGOs, together with the Lithuanian NGDO Platform (Pagalba) has launched Media4Development project that offers Lithuanian journalists an opportunity to learn firsthand about the situation in specific developing countries as well as international assistance granted to them. During the three years of project implementation the journalists will visit several countries in Africa and Asia.

Marta 2014 10 03 12 00

The study looks at how successful EU13 CSOs have been within the last ten years in securing grants for implementing European development cooperation projects outside the EU through four thematic programmes of the Development Cooperation Instrument (NSA-LA - Actions in partner countries, Investing in People, Migration and Asylum and Environment, and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources including Energy) and the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights. The study was conducted on the basis of available information from the public EC database and an electronic survey distributed among EU13 development CSOs.

Marta 2014 10 03 12 00

Policy paper on Global Education in Lithuania analyses global education trends in Lithuania, shares examples from formal and non-formal education settings, explores the opportunities for its further developments in Lithuania.

Marta 2014 06 20 12 00

The National Non-Governmental Development Cooperation Organisation’s Platform (NGDO Platform) organised film screenings and discussions in ten towns of Lithuania in spring 2014. Film audience included schoolchildren, teachers, librarians, and everyone interested in global development. Four movies offered for screenings were those selected by viewers of the 7th film festival “Ad Hoc: Inconvenient Films”.

Marta 2014 06 16 12 00

Three Lithuanian NGOs – the Lithuanian NGDO Platform, the Baltic Environment Forum and the Sustainable Development Initiatives – joined the voices of the world civil society in support for a strong climate change reflection (including a separate goal) in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework.

Marta 2014 05 23 12 00

On May 19 in Brussels, the ministers of EU member states discussed the EU Development Council issues: Post-2015 Agenda, the role of the private sector role in development, the implementation of Agenda for Change. The Council adopted conclusions on EU development aid targets and rights based approach.

Marta 2014 04 21 12 00

National Non-Governmental Development Cooperation Organisation's Platform (NGDO Platform) presents an overview of the global education in Lithuania summarized in a freely available publication in Lithuanian. There one could find realistic proposals on the introduction of the global education into the Lithuanian education programmes, current legal regulation. The publication was prepared based on the position of 12 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working in the field of education.

Marta 2014 03 20 12 00

Under the initiative of the Lithuanian NGDO Platform, Lithuanian NGOs working in the fields of education and public awareness raising have formed a group seeking to add the global dimension to the Lithuanian education system. During the recent years, there have been a growing number of attempts to integrate sustainable development aspects (especially environmental dimension) into the official documents regulating public education in Lithuania. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement of formal and non-formal education in educating citizens who are globally sensitive and responsible. Whilst Lithuania is emerging as a donor state, there is still a lack of education, which explores social and economic issues. Therefore, the NGOs call for implementation of the EU recommended global education programmes which aims at developing deeper knowledge about global sustainable development, human rights and intercultural learning.

Mariana 2014 02 25 12 00

On the 19th of February, the NGDO Platform expressed its support for a position paper formulated by the Lithuanian Environmental NGO’s Coalition. The document discusses the goals to be reached by 2030 in the areas of climate change and energy. The position paper was officially presented on the 20th of February at the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania while discussing the Lithuanian position on the new goals of the European Union (EU) in the areas of climate change mitigation and energy policies until 2030. The discussion was organised by two Lithuanian NGOs “Sustainable Development Initiatives – DVI” and “Baltic Environmental Forum” and the Ministry of Environment.

Marta 2014 01 31 12 00

Representing 17 NGOs, the Lithuanian NGDO Platform is working towards policy proposals on global education, a crucial part for citizens to understand global processes. The NGDO Platform aspires to initiate systematic and long-term implementation of global education in both formal and non-formal education system in Lithuania.

Marta 2013 12 16 12 00

On 12 December 2013, the EU Development Cooperation (DC) Council under the Presidency of Lithuania discussed issues of development cooperation policy prepared by working groups during the last semester: principles of post-2015 agenda and its financing, and the Policy Coherence for Development (PCD). Being mandatory for EU institutions and member states, the Council’s conclusions lay the foundation for the EU’s attitude towards funding the development cooperation after 2015. They prescript a solid part of responsibility to developing states themselves and emphasize a more significant role of private sector in funding development.

Marta 2013 11 22 12 00

Lithuania is going to celebrate one-decade anniversary of EU accession, an event that turned the country from an aid recipient to a donor. Now, Lithuania is participating in shaping this rather new policy of development cooperation (DC) with other EU member states. Lithuania is also holding the EU Council Presidency this semester, thus providing a special possibility for the country to contribute to the DC progress on the EU level.

Marta 2013 11 13 12 00

On the 6th of November the Committee on Foreign Affairs (CFA) of the Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas) examined the issues of development cooperation upon an initiative of Petras Auštrevičius, the Vice-Speaker of Seimas. Representatives of the Lithuanian National Non-Governmental Development Cooperation Organisations’ Platform (NGDO Platform) presented NGDO Platform's position on the current EU development cooperation issues.

Marta 2013 10 07 12 00

On October 8, 2013, the NGDO Platform presented to the public the Lithuanian Non-Governmental Development Cooperation Organisations’ Position on Development Cooperation Policy Issues for the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Mariana 2013 09 20 12 00

From now on it is possible to learn more about the issues of development cooperation by playing a game on Facebook. Project “Pasaulis vienas” (in English- One World) is the first application of this kind inviting to deepen one‘s knowledge about development cooperation. According to the Centre for Democratic Initiatives, which is the initiator of the project, the game is orientated towards 13 – 18 year olds. This group is the most familiar with new IT technologies and that is why such a platform for communication as “Facebook” was selected. The Centre hopes that the game will also draw the attention of the teachers, parents and other family members of the youth.

donatasj 2013 09 15 12 00

Lithuanian National Non-Governmental Development Cooperation Organisations’ Platform (NGDO Platform) and the Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation LAPAS shared with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Latvia and Lithuania some key messages ahead of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Special Event for Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in New York City on September the 25th.

Mariana 2013 09 14 12 00

On the 24-26 of July, 2013, NGO "Pozityvus gyvenimas" organized the forum “HIV in Europe and Neighbouring Countries“ in the frame of Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU). The Forum expressed serious concerns over the sustainability of the HIV response in the countries neighbouring the EU and in Central Asia, which heavily depends on international funds that are being phased out.

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