Lithuanian Non-Governmental Development Cooperation Organisations

Global Citizens' Academy

I. Field of Activity and Areas of Expertise
Main Field of Expertise: Civic Engagement
Additional Field of Expertise: Human Rights, Children and Youth/Children‘s Rights, Education
Field of Activity: Capacity Building/Training, Development Education/Awareness Raising
II. General Information
Internet site:
Address: Susves str. 15a
Tel./fax.: 370-616-15104
Contact person/contact details: Indre Augutiene, head of the organisation Phone: 370-616-15104 Email:
Number of employees: 1
Existing since: 2014
Source(s) of funding:
Financing from private sources/Charity
Annual turnover (in Litas): 1 euro= 3.45 Litas
≤ 50 thousand
Member of Lithuanian Umbrella:
(Lithuanian Umbrella is a non-formal entity uniting NGDO Platform and LITDEA)
About the Organisation. Role, goals, key activities: Global Citizens' Academy is a non-governmental organisation aiming to play an active role in promoting key values of active global citizenship & social welfare. It aims to participate in the democratic processes by meeting the following objectives: • development of national, civic and cultural identities; • promoting respect for human dignity; • support to building capacities of young people in order to become active and responsible global citizens; • stimulating democratic dialogue among various stakeholders (youngsters, civil society organisations, educational institutions, businesses, policy makers); • building capacities of civil society organisations. GCA’s activities include non-formal education, youth work, awareness raising, campaigning and advocating towards creating a just, tolerant and sustainable world. GCA is also active in the international field by participating in youth exchanges and long-term projects.
III. Development Cooperation Experience
Geographical coverage of activities: Lithuania
V. Capacity Building Needs
Thematic Knowledge