Lithuanian Non-Governmental Development Cooperation Organisations

Center for Anti-Corruption

I. Field of Activity and Areas of Expertise
Main Field of Expertise: Anti-Corruption
Additional Field of Expertise: II. Good Governance, Civic Engagement, Anti-Corruption, Education
Field of Activity: Consultancies, Development Education/Awareness Raising
II. General Information
Internet site:
Address: Ulonų str. 5, LT-08240, Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel./fax.: + 370 5 2789 270,
E-mail: + 370 5 203 2949
Contact person/contact details: project manager Milda Brukštutė; +370 685 50485 project coordinator Rūta Urbanavičiūtė +370 637 28595
Number of employees: 3
Existing since: 2009
Source(s) of funding:
Annual turnover (in Litas): 1 euro= 3.45 Litas
≤ 100 thousand
Member of Lithuanian Umbrella:
(Lithuanian Umbrella is a non-formal entity uniting NGDO Platform and LITDEA)
About the Organisation. Role, goals, key activities: Center for Anti-Corruption is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in Lithuania in 2009. This is specialized anti-corruption center, which carry out activities in Central and Eastern Europe. The main aim of Center is to fight against corruption through education, awareness rising and other activities. We are able to create and implement modern education programs, organize successful trainings, conferences and other events. The goals of Center for Anti-Corruption: Encouraging the public to contribute to the implementation of corruption prevention; Stimulating the reduction of corruption at national as well as international level; Strengthening citizenship and public awareness by shaping and disseminating ideas, values and principles of a democratic society and citizenship; Initiating public discussions on corruption; Assisting citizens actively to engage in public activities.
III. Development Cooperation Experience
Geographical coverage of activities: Lithuania
V. Capacity Building Needs
Partner Search
Trilateral Project Formulation and Implementation
Expertise Area: trainings, events, business trip in Switzerland
Project/Initiative Title: Strengthening competences of Center for Anti-Corruption to implement corruption prevention programs
Implementation Period: 01/07/2013-01/07/2014
Objectives: Strengthen Center for Anti-Corruption employee's capacity to implement anti-corruption programs. Greater the financial independence of Center for Anti-Corruption.