Lithuanian Non-Governmental Development Cooperation Organisations

Lithuanian Kolping society

I. Field of Activity and Areas of Expertise
Main Field of Expertise: II. Good Governance, III. Sustainable Development
Additional Field of Expertise: Civic Engagement, Regional and Local Development/Rural Development, Economic Development , Social Development
Field of Activity: Research, Capacity Building/Training, Development Education/Awareness Raising , Networking
II. General Information
Internet site:
Address: Raguvos g.7, 44275 Kaunas
Tel./fax.: +370 37 203610
Contact person/contact details: Tomas Statkevicius
Number of employees: 5
Existing since: 1993
Source(s) of funding:
EU Structural Funds in Lithuania
Line Ministries Financing
Development Cooperation Finances (national ODA budget line)
Financing from private sources/Charity
Annual turnover (in Litas): 1 euro= 3.45 Litas
≤ 500 thousand
Member of Lithuanian Umbrella:
(Lithuanian Umbrella is a non-formal entity uniting NGDO Platform and LITDEA)
About the Organisation. Role, goals, key activities: LKD is a branch of International Kolping society in Lithuania acting since 1993. It’s a membership based NGO. Within the association, the members actively participate in a socially just transformation of society. The organisation is named after the Catholic priest Adolph Kolping who founded Journeymen Associations in the 19th century to combat the misery of young crafts journeymen in the era of industrialisation. Implementation of our activities is based on social justice, christian values and global democracy principles: - development education/awareness raising - formal and non-formal education - vocational, personal development trainings - civic society activisation and development - international cooperation Since 2004 till now – emphasys on development education and awareness raising in Lithuania.
III. Development Cooperation Experience
Geographical coverage of activities: Brazil, Ethiopia, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine
Participation in projects in the third countries
Project TitlePartner Country where project was implementedDuration (start/end dates)Partner(s) from EU/if applicablePartner(s) in the beneficiary/third countryOrganisation's role in the ProjectBrief description of the ProjectBudget
International youth exchange Brazil 2006 Germany, Romania, Lithuania Project Partner Working Group/Technical Worksop
Management of water saving Ethiopia 2007 Germany, Lithuania Service Provider Other
Education of community Georgia 2007 Germany, Lithuania Service Provider Working Group/Technical Worksop
Strengthening of Democracy Georgia 2007 Germany, Lithuania Service Provider Study visit/Trainings
Museum Georgia 2007 Germany, Lithuania Service Provider Other
V. Capacity Building Needs
Partner Search
Trilateral Project Formulation and Implementation
Thematic Knowledge
VI. Planned/Preferred Project Activities in 2014 and beyond
Target CountryThematic AreaSearching for Partner
In EUIn partner country
Republic of Moldova Civic Engagement No Yes
Ukraine Social Development No Yes