Lithuanian Non-Governmental Development Cooperation Organisations

Baltic Foundation

I. Field of Activity and Areas of Expertise
Main Field of Expertise: III. Sustainable Development , Economic Development , Income-generation activities, Small-scale business, Agriculture
Additional Field of Expertise: III. Sustainable Development , Social Development, Environmental Development, Employment, Labor and Social Protection (Social Reforms), Education, Gender Equality and Women's Rights/Empowerment, Environment , Climate Change, Local Development/ Managing Environment to Reduce Poverty
Field of Activity: Consultancies, Capacity Building/Training, Development Education/Awareness Raising
II. General Information
Internet site:
Address: S. Konarskio str. 49, LT-03123 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel./fax.: +370 5 2336518
Contact person/contact details: Arūnas Svitojus
Number of employees: 7
Existing since: 2005
Source(s) of funding:
EU Structural Funds in Lithuania
EU Direct Financing
Line Ministries Financing
Financing from private sources/Charity
Annual turnover (in Litas): 1 euro= 3.45 Litas
≤ 3 mln.
Member of Lithuanian Umbrella:
(Lithuanian Umbrella is a non-formal entity uniting NGDO Platform and LITDEA)
About the Organisation. Role, goals, key activities: Baltic Foundation facilitates and supports the participative processes of development at the grassroots level, in order to strengthen and develop: • An integrated vision: environment, people, and animals • Micro – enterprises • Gender and youth development projects • Grass – roots organisations • Sustainable utilization and protection of the environment • Food security • Social initiative • Assistance to rural NGOs Altogether with the partners inside the country and abroad Baltic Foundation Heifer International is working on more than 30 projects.
III. Development Cooperation Experience
Geographical coverage of activities: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
Short-term assistance/expertise (study visits, trainings, fact finding missions, feasibility studies etc.) provided in third countries
Country and benefiting organisation/organiserDate (Month, Year)Brief description of the eventThematic topics covered
Afganistan 2009 Study visit/Trainings
Ukraine 2010 Study visit/Trainings
Kazachstan 2010 Study visit/Trainings
Moldavia 2013 Study visit/Trainings
Participation in projects in the third countries
Project TitlePartner Country where project was implementedDuration (start/end dates)Partner(s) from EU/if applicablePartner(s) in the beneficiary/third countryOrganisation's role in the ProjectBrief description of the ProjectBudget
BERAS Belarus Belarus 2013.01.01-2015.12.31 LP - Biodyn Research Inst SE PP2 - Organic Farmers, SE PP3 - Södertörn Univ, S PP4 - Nature Assoc, SE PP5 - Green Coast, SE PP6 - Baltic Foundation, LT PP7 - AS University, LT -Academy of Science, BY -IPAAB, BY -Escape, BY Project Partner Working Group/Technical Worksop
V. Capacity Building Needs
Partner Search
Trilateral Project Formulation and Implementation
Resource Mobilisation
Thematic Knowledge