Lithuanian Non-Governmental Development Cooperation Organisations

Association Rural Internet Access Points

I. Field of Activity and Areas of Expertise
Main Field of Expertise: II. Good Governance, Regional and Local Development/Rural Development
Field of Activity: Research, Consultancies, Capacity Building/Training
II. General Information
Address: Sausio 13-osios str. 10, Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel./fax.: +370 685 47445
Contact person/contact details: Inga Žemaitienė at Phone: +370 685 47445
Number of employees: 3
Existing since: 2006
Source(s) of funding:
EU Direct Financing
Line Ministries Financing
Annual turnover (in Litas): 1 euro= 3.45 Litas
≤ 500 thousand
Member of Lithuanian Umbrella:
(Lithuanian Umbrella is a non-formal entity uniting NGDO Platform and LITDEA)
About the Organisation. Role, goals, key activities: Non-governmental, non-profit organisation (NGO) established in 2006 having more than 100 association members active in: - Representing and supporting development of Rural Internet Access Points (RIAPs); - Providing trainings for rural inhabitants with a focus on adults and youth; - Promoting use of e-services and distance trainings; - Implementation of national and international projects.
III. Development Cooperation Experience
Geographical coverage of activities: Georgia
Short-term assistance/expertise (study visits, trainings, fact finding missions, feasibility studies etc.) provided in third countries
Country and benefiting organisation/organiserDate (Month, Year)Brief description of the eventThematic topics covered
Georgia / Khasury librarians/ Association Rural Internet Access Points 8 Study visit/Trainings Basic ICT knowledge Web 2.0 technologies
Georgia /Georgian Libraries Association, Lithuanian Libraries Association 6 Seminar Strengthening Georgian Public Libraries Network
Georgia-Lithuania /Georgian Libraries Association/ Association Rural Internet Access Points, Lithuanian Libraries Association, 7 Conference Network, activities and experience of Lithuanian libraries
Participation in projects in the third countries
Project TitlePartner Country where project was implementedDuration (start/end dates)Partner(s) from EU/if applicablePartner(s) in the beneficiary/third countryOrganisation's role in the ProjectBrief description of the ProjectBudget
Development of Modern Library Vision in Georgia Georgia From 2012-05-01 till 2012-10-30 Georgian Libraries Association Project Lead Other 39020 Lt
You Are Welcome to the Modern Khashuri Children Library Georgia From 2012 – 05 – 01 till 2012 – 11 – 30 Khasuri Library, Khasuri Municipality Project Lead Other 52414 Lt
V. Capacity Building Needs
Partner Search
Thematic Knowledge
VI. Planned/Preferred Project Activities in 2014 and beyond
Target CountryThematic AreaSearching for Partner
In EUIn partner country
Georgia Local Development/ Managing Environment to Reduce Poverty No Yes
Ukraine Local Development/ Managing Environment to Reduce Poverty No Yes