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Mariana 2010 09 09 23 09 is a non-profit service dedicated to spreading and sharing voices, ideas and information on Europe’s International Cooperation. helps audiences communicate and share their voices. We gather a collection of opinions, news, video and research publications drawn from policymakers, international organisations, universities, think tanks and conferences dealing with international cooperation issues.

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ECDPM helps to reduce the ‘asymmetries’ in policy making between Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) and the European Union. We do this by reinforcing the capacities of public, private and non-profit organisations in ACP countries to better manage their own development policies and international cooperation.

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The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) is an ACP-EU institution working in the field of information for development. Through our partners we are working with these stakeholders to achieve the goal shared by the whole development community – poverty alleviation and sustainable development.

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This weblog shares information on key ACP-EU programmes and events from Brussels relevant to agriculture and rural development in ACP countries.

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The ACP-EU technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA), the European Commission, the EU Presidency, the ACP Group, Euforic, IPS Europe, Concord, and other partners organize regular development Briefing sessions in Brussels on key issues and challenges for rural development in the context of EU/ACP cooperation.

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CDE’s financial resources mainly come from the European Development Fund (EDF). Its objective is to ensure the development of professional ACP enterprises operating in the private sector.

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It is the only international assembly in which the representatives of various countries sit together regularly with the aim of promoting the interdependence of North and South.

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The establishment of the Pan-African Parliament is informed by a vision to provide a common platform for African peoples and their grass-roots organizations to be more involved in discussions and decision-making on the problems and challenges facing the continent.

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The primary and overarching objective of EU development policy is to eradicate poverty in a sustainable way.