Inconvenient Films

Mariana 2013 10 18 12 00

This year NGDO Platform together with the film festival "Incovenient films" presents ten ugly yet true stories about developing countries.

admin 2014 02 11 12 00

The NGDO Platform is starting a cycle of film screenings and educational discussions “An Inconvenient Truth: Discussing the World after 2015”. It invites schools, universities and local communities to organise the film screenings together.

Marta 2013 10 21 12 00

For the seventh time in Lithuania, the human rights film festival Ad Hoc: Inconvenient Films is about to start in Vilnius on the 23rd of October focusing on the themes of poverty, inequality and exploitation. Ten films on development cooperation and developing countries are presented in a special programme called “The World of 2015”.